About Me

Hey y'all. I'm Tyler.

I’m a sales coach, but not the kind of sales coach you may be picturing. I’m on a mission to help you sell sustainably — I like to call myself a sales burnout coach.

I work with six-figure sales professionals to help them sell with less stress, find sales-life balance, and get rid sales burnout. Permanently.

I’ve worked in tech and SaaS as an Account Executive, Sales Manager, and Channel Account Manager. I have experience building and executing prospecting and outbound strategies for sales teams of 1 to 50+.

In 2020, I founded The Sales Lift, a sales strategy and coaching firm. I also hosted Outbound Sales Lift, a podcast focused on elevating SDR teams and transforming outbound sales efforts.

Headshot of Tyler

I want to help you succeed.

Throughout my experience, the aspects of my work I enjoyed the most were forging trusting partnerships with clients, bringing out the best in individual contributors, and helping new managers learn how to lead a team.

I realized that my true passion was seeing the individual people I work with succeed. And not just by crushing quota or closing a new account. But by taking control, owning their time, and not letting sales take over their lives.

So now I’m a sales burnout coach. I’m here to help you succeed on your terms, both in sales and in your life outside of it.

Are you ready to eliminate burnout, take control, and learn how to sell sustainably?