Hey y'all. I'm Tyler.

I’m a coach and a trainer. A consultant and a creator. I do a little bit of everything, all focused on the same theme — helping you sell yourself, your ideas, and everything else.

I’m passionate about helping people become better sellers. No matter what you’re selling, or even if you’re not in sales at all, I can make sales work for you.

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Curious about my experience?

In high school, I went door-to-door selling Cutco knives to every family in my neighborhood.

When I was 22, I discovered entrepreneurship, founding a food truck & hospitality business in the red-hot Atlanta food market. For 7 years, I led our sales efforts, promoting the best BBQ on wheels for corporate and wedding catering.

In 2020, I founded The Sales Lift, a sales strategy and coaching firm. I also hosted over 100 episodes of Outbound Sales Lift, a podcast featuring interviews with CEOs, authors, VPs, and some of my favorite sales colleagues.

I even made sales my full-time job, earning President’s Club status at companies like HubSpot, Infusionsoft / Keap, and ezCater (my current gig).

I’ve seen all sides of sales, having been an individual contributor, a manager, a consultant, a coach, a trainer, and an entrepreneur.

After all that...

My experience taught me that sales doesn’t have to be an exclusive industry, accessible only to those who obsess about hitting quota every month. Sales can be used daily to help you get ahead and make a name for yourself.

I’m taking all the lessons I learned from a decade plus in sales to teach you the fundamentals necessary to succeed, no matter your career path.

I’m here to help you sell yourself, your ideas, and everything else.

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