Everyone Sells. Here’s How.

Everyone sells. I know, I know, I’ve said this before. But hopefully this shows just how much I believe it. While most of us don’t spend our days cold calling, we are still in the business of sales.

I like to think of sales as persuading. When was the last time you tried to convince someone that your approach, opinion, or product was the right choice? That’s sales.

Sales doesn’t have to be sleazy or pushy. It can be simple and straightforward as long as you understand what you’re selling and the person you are selling to.

So instead of shying away from sales, it’s time to embrace it. There are three key ways sales shows up, no matter your profession: selling yourself, selling your ideas, and selling everything else.

Let’s dive in to what these are and how to make them work for you.

Selling Yourself

We all are in the business of selling ourselves. Have you ever been in a job interview? Or a first date? Or have you met a new neighbor for the first time?

Guess what you are selling in all of the circumstances? YOU.

And people are either buying what you are putting out there or moving on to the next person quickly.

Our personal brand is our stand. How we show up in the world and treat others is one giant sales pitch.

To sell yourself, determine what makes you unique.

People love different. Find out what makes you stand out and learn how to communicate that difference effectively.

When you lead with your differentiator, you’ll stand out and be remembered.

Sell Your Ideas

After you sell yourself, you have to sell your ideas.

Writers pitch manuscripts, consultants propose ideas for how to improve businesses, even parents find themselves selling ideas to their kids.

“It’s 8:30 and time for bed, Susie.”
“Not tonight, MOM!”

Parents have to sell the idea that 8:30 is an optimal bedtime or a serving of sweet potatoes is healthy or their favorite movie is a good choice for family movie night. Kids either buy those ideas or send them back in the form of a tantrum, disobedience, or other childlike shenanigans.

To sell your ideas, learn to tell better stories.

We all love stories. The best way to sell an idea is by telling a story that resonates. Learn the art of storytelling and how to tell short and longer stories that make your audience listen.

Why is your idea important? What difference will it make to your customer (or child, as the case may be)?

Give people a reason to connect with your idea. Make it unforgettable.

Sell Everything Else

This one should be pretty straightforward. You could be selling a product, a service, an experience…anything, really.

If there’s an exchange of money, you’re probably selling.

The secret of sales is finding what moves others to change.

Sales is just asking for change. Understand what change you are seeking from your audience and make the status quo unsustainable. Most sales are lost to people being unwilling to change what they already do.

Show why people need your solution. Describe life without it. Then give them the gift of life with it.

Regardless of what you do, I’m willing to bet you’re selling something to someone.

The question is: do you know it? And is anyone buying?